I listened to “Forgiveness” a couple of days ago. It made me cry. I don’t know why. But it felt good to cry. I released something. What a beautiful song.
Denise F., Sedona, AZ
Louis, I can't tell you how much Robin and I enjoyed your concert. Absolutely surreal and so beautiful. Thank you for your special gift and for all the practice that went into making it so wonderful. I row crew at Lake Washington and I put some of your music onto my iPod to listen as I row in the mornings....absolutely perfect. And it is helping me to cope with current events. I'm serious. Yours,
John P., Maple Valley, WA
Sedona On My Mind is a beautiful new collection from the incomparable Louis Landon. Whenever I play it, which is quite often, it elevates the mood in my entire home. It makes the moment feel somehow special and elegant, and even better, all three of my very large dogs relax, and retire to their respective beds! Thank you Louis, for your magical Sedona On My Mind! It has certainly improved my life in more ways than one!
Martha L., Airmont, NY
All of your music is so tranquil. It leaves me at peace.
Arty T., Haverstraw, NY
I wanted to thank you. I was a professional musician for over 15 years in mainstream country music until all of the passion for music left me. I didn't want to have anything to do with music. Sold instruments, equipment, anything that wasn't nailed down except a piano and my favorite acoustic and electric guitar, and those were packed away out of sight. Then my niece got engaged and she asked me to do the music for her wedding so of course, I was happy to do so. Out came the guitars and the cobwebs were dusted off the piano. Over three years had passed since I really laid a hand on any instrument. As things go, she decided this past week that she wanted to go a different route with the music. No problem, her wedding, my niece, I'll always love her. In the change, she now wants a solo piano player. So, I began looking for music for her pianist to play. On Sheetmusicplus.com I came across your arrangement of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love." My ears perked up! I love true arrangements and not just copies of the original. I loved it so much that not only did I purchase it. I looked at what other arrangements you had available. I clicked on "Free At Last." That song struck a nerve inside me that I long thought was dead. I had goosebumps from head to toe and began crying uncontrollably. I then listened to "Amy's Song." The same thing happened. Sir, your music and your playing, just through the Sheetmusicplus website, moved me that I thought I would never be moved again. I could literally feel the emotion through the small speakers on my laptop. 30 years it has been since music has touched me that deeply. Thank you. I hope our paths cross someday. God Bless.
Danny D., Nashville, TN
If you have not yet had the privilege of experiencing the magical, piano compositions of the amazing Louis Landon, solo piano artist, you are missing out! Louis' intuitive music, is filled with melodies of joy, tenderness, fun and grandeur. In one moment, you can be taken on a deep, introspective journey, and in the next, to a place of elated, energetic, expansion and joy. Combined with embellishments that only a true artist can create, the range of Louis' music is infinite. With the ability to turn a popular song into an improvisational, jazz masterpiece, or if it is one of his own, enigmatic compositions, Louis and his Steinway, will take you onto a magical, musical, carpet ride of interweaving melody colored in tone and vibration. He is a fun entertainer, with a beautiful singing voice, and his live performances capture the depth and essence of some of the most popular and favorite songs of our time. He is a composer from the heart, a rare talent, and should be heard on a wide scale. For those who appreciate music at its highest echelon, Louis Landon is right up there. He has the ability to give a listening and entertaining experience that a select few can compare to, which is why I return again and again to listen to his never- ending array of rich musical compositions.
Sylvia C., Sedona, AZ
Louis Landon's musical talent gives me a constant source of inspiration when I'm in my art studio. His mastery of the keyboard is rivaled only by his unique and vivid use of his ability to create new heartfelt compositions. He's transcendent.
Clark S., Cornville, AZ