You really get pleasure from this music
Author: Serge Kozlovsky, translated by Tatyana L. Permyakova
February 2008

"Unwind" is a debut of a an acknowledged musician Louis Landon in the new age genre who appeared on scene together with many jazz celebrities and who is also well-known for his works for television and a number of successful albums recorded by him already. From the very first seconds "Unwind" makes you feel quiet. This is the music of serenity and harmony. You just can stay alone with you thoughts and feelings and listen to very sincere, emotional music by Louis Landon. In essence "Unwind" is an album-improvisation. Louis Landon's music is very ingenious, without hesitation he splashes out all he possesses at the moment. He just likes to share his emotions with those around him, to give a part of his heart up. By its sounding "Unwind" resembled the best works of legendary Windham Hill Records to me. And it is not by chance as far as editing and mastering of the album is made by Corin Nelsen at William Ackerman's Imaginary Road Studious. And it was William Ackerman who encouraged Louis Landon with advice and support. Just so a long improvisation turned to a short composition "Majestic Sunrise" which appears to be one of the most splendid on the disc. In general "Unwind" does not include weak compositions. The album is being listened to as a single whole. This music is free of false significance. The musician has enough to be shared with others and he does it in very gentle and delicate manner. His piano solo is masterly. You really get pleasure from this music. It is alongside with you like this bright sunny day which came not for a special purpose but just for the reason that it could not be otherwise. And the sun shines just for the reason that it cannot but shines and warms you with its rays. And a flower, you see it before your eyes, it is in blossom, it is just destined to bloom. And the album "Unwind" is like a beautiful flower which is blooming out its petals to the rising sun. There is a real life in this music. It just exists here and now "Unwind" is the music of genuine feelings.

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