Louis Landon - "The Gershwins, Cole Porter and Me" (Landon Creative)
March 5, 2004
by Steve Israel

The real test of "The Gershwins, Cole Porter and Me" comes on the third song - after Sullivan and Rockland County pianist/vocalist Louis Landon sings and plays the Gershwins' "'S Wonderful" and Cole Porter's "Night and Day" with his usual passion, panache and swing.

That's when he and his trio of bassist Harvie S and drummer Richie Morales perform an original Landon tune, live like all the songs on the album.

Can he even begin to hold his own with these great songwriters?

Yes, he can. While "Now Is the Time for Love" isn't an instant classic, it is a terrific pop tune, with a peppy, shapely, hook-filled melody and stick-in-your-head lines: "The way you put your hand in mine/The stars above can't help but shine/Now is the time for love."
The originals, amid classics that include "I've Got You Under My Skin" and "Our Love Is Here to Stay," make this album a delight.

Landon has a smooth crooner's voice with enough range to translate the everyman emotions of these timeless songs. He can make his piano soar on flights of fancy or subtly push his trio, or duo with bassist Lew Scott, in toe-tapping swing.

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