Peace Revolution
Reviewed by RJ Lannan on 3/26/2008

Louis Landon returns with another pensive album of solo piano music called Peace Revolution! The title is ambiguous. The music in of itself is very relaxing and peaceful. The intent of the album is the promotion of peace on a worldwide scale and what better way to communicate your message than with music?

Landon's thought provoking music is gentle and placid and never fails to subdue the stressed out psyche. I liked Louis's last album, Unwind and I thought that it was very evocative emotionally as well as spiritually. He has a gift for composition that is second to none.

In a land made up entirely of dreams stands a magnificent castle. The stone is thick and strong, the embattlements high and the feeling of security is positive and interminable. It is called Camelot. It exists in Louis's song, a song that embodies all the qualities of an Arthurian legend and more. The music is cheerful and bright just like the feeling that it creates. Come in, the drawbridge is always down.

The beginning of Sky's Song is slow and drifting like stark, white clouds on the azure horizon. The music of is a comfort. It has the sound of promise that says there will be a better tomorrow. This is a tune that produces nomadic thoughts and spontaneous daydreams.

It is not hard to believe that Peace Revolution! is one of the best cuts on the album. There is relentlessness to the melody that gives it drive and energy. Peace is a living thing to Louis. Something that once sought after and attained, must be nourished. And above all else, cherished. Beautiful tune.

Golden Glow is a favorite on the recording. There is a certain radiance of a new dawn that is unforgettable. There are days in the mountains when the sun comes up that would put the powers of Midas to shame. Everything is clear and clean and touched by sunlight. There is newness to life that should not only be observed, but also participated in. That is what the music suggests to me.

Without faith there is no hope. The tune Thy Will Be Done is an acknowledgement of devotion to the One that makes all things possible. I believe that everything from the "peace revolution" to the "golden glow" would not be possible without a higher power. Louis surrenders to his God in this song and it is a very strong commitment. It is a song that can be enjoyed by everyone.

There is the familiar sound of arpeggios in the final song Impromptu. There are the same riffs in his other album as well and they are there to be appreciated. It is the shortest song on the album and I wished many times that it would go on. Nothing could beat it for sheer delight and the glee that being happy can produce.

There is a bit more accuracy and is some small way, more maturity on this album that may have been missing from Unwind. There is more depth and complexity to the compositions. I hope that Louis Landon achieves his goal, that of bringing peace to the world through his music. With Peace Revolution! he certainly has the right medium.

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