Peace Revolution!" gets its first review
Peace Revolution!
Louis Landon
PEACE REVOLUTION, 2008 - Landon Creative Inc
(Solo Piano)
By Michael Woodhead @ Lux Aeturna
February 12, 2008

Even though Camelot is, by far, my favourite track from this CD, nevertheless there are eleven other compositions that will entice you to hear more from Louis Landon.

To my ears, Camelot aches for lyrics, and would almost sit very well in a pop setting with its recurring leitmotiv, and even though it's only around three-and-a-half minutes long, it almost seems to be much shorter. Those old enough to remember Frank Mills' Music Box Dancer will find this very reminiscent of that song. Good enough for the 'A' side of a single release, I would venture to say.

Amalfi Drive would be a good contender for the 'B' side of that single. Replete with a recurring theme, which then meanders into melodies with an almost improvisational feel--all evocative of traveling along the one-way, old Roman road that joins Sorrento to Amalfi, and quite possibly the inspiration for this selection.

But these two aren't the only inspiring numbers on this charming album. Light and delightful, the rest of the tunes carry the listener to a place of tranquility and reflection to which he or she will want to return again and again.

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